Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Firms

We're passionate about helping private equity firms across the country succeed in their acquisitions.

Private equity is all about the return on investment and, in 2019, that return increasingly depends on people and their retention, the ability to merge cultures successfully in a deal, and doing diligence on performance.

We're here to be that value-added service to PE firms to realize the full potential of their acquisitions and merged companies.

There’s no one-size-fits-all HR solution, and we believe in taking a more personalized approach by creating a customized project plans for each of our clients. Our model is different than other agencies because our team of industry leaders and professionals have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently optimize your acquired business(es) -- without the hefty price tag. We operate on an on-demand, hourly pricing structure with no minimums and no placement fees.

Private equity firms partner with 4 Point Consulting for small scale projects or projects across their investments collaborating with internal HR. Our team has worked with PE firms throughout the country on projects including HRIS implementation, performance management overhauls, benefits realignment after M&A, talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion strategy, and change management planning & execution.

Some of our targeted PE services include:

◈   Change management

◈   Diversity and inclusion planning

   Talent acquisition; technical talent acquisition

◈   HR Due Diligence

   Department Restructuring/ Redesign

◈   Culture & Values Integration/ Team Building

   HR Integrations (HRIS & Benefits)

◈   Employee training and engagement