What We Do

What We Do

We take care of the people part of your business.

We offer affordable human resources and talent acquisition services for companies that think they can’t afford the help they need. We work with businesses of all sizes - from a single entrepreneur with a dream, to startups, to corporate staffs of over 100 employees - and we pride ourselves on giving each and every one the full attention of a dedicated team.

For the 4 Point Consulting team, it's not about the money or providing cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all services. It’s about the satisfaction in working directly with you and your company to build a customized plan to accomplish your HR and talent acquisition goals.

Our services range from full-time talent acquisition to complete benefits systems creation; from employer brand enhancement to HRIS implementation. The 4 Point Consulting team takes a personalized approach in offering balanced HR and talent acquisition services --completely tailored to each unique client.

In addition to our superior core offerings and passion for your success, 4 Point Consulting works on an hourly price structure. This means our clients get the best services at a much more affordable price. There are no extra fees, and all projects are approved up front to ensure complete transparency at all times.

4 Point Consulting provides you with essential resources for your business and your employee lifecycle. Our four core offerings are:

HR Consulting

We specialize in helping clients by acting as their internal HR department at an affordable, hourly rate.

Talent Acquisition

4 Point Consulting is ready to help your company find great people without hurting the bottomline of the business.

Technical Talent Acquisition

4 Point Consulting’s team of experienced technical recruiters understand the industry terms to source and identify top tier candidates.

Training & Development

4 Point Consulting’s goal is to always be a resource for our clients and to instill information on changing laws, trends or needs in the HR and talent space.

We are dedicated to any and all client needs — from smaller scale resources like training manuals and employee handbooks to long-term engagements with businesses looking to scale their talent acquisition process. Nothing is too simple or too complex to reach out for qualified, certified assistance in the Human Resources field.